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Samantha Cauchy is an artist based out of Louisville, Colorado, originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She studied fine art at Georgia State University and at the University of Colorado, then proceeded to study the mischtechnik under various master painters. This shift from traditional teaching to learning old master techniques and materials was inspired by her growing connection to both the ethereal and the natural world. She primarily uses oils, as these paints and mediums allow for that deep connection to nature to be nurtured. Samantha has been sharing her art with the world throughout the years through various gallery showcases, public art displays, and exhibitions. She is strongly inspired by nature and mysticism. You could describe her art style as imaginative realism. Through sharing her creations she hopes to inspire others to dive within and allow their creativity to shine. As time goes on she continues to develop her inner and external visions through her painting practice. 

My art is an intention sent out into the world. 

I am deeply inspired by the magic within nature, life, and mythology.

Through these creations I aim to bring awareness to protecting mother earth and her creatures while honoring the beautiful connection that we have as a collective consciousness and embodying love for all forms of life.  

 My mission through painting is to open minds and hearts far & wide, bringing us all closer together as one.

.:: ♥ ::.

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