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'From the Forest Floor' is my most recently finished painting and I am elated to be offering a limited edition run of canvas prints! 

There are only 50 available (25 of each size). These prints are high quality giclee canvas prints with wire backing. There are two different size options so that you can customize it to your space. 12x12 inches and 20x20 inches with a 0.75 inch border. 

20x20" is the size of the original painting and is what is listed here in the photos. 


From the Forest Floor is a piece that is inspired by the magic of the natural world that surrounds us. The jar came out organically as I was painting, it was not planned to be this way from the start. It truly embodies the whimsical element I was attempting to capture with this piece. The ground, the dirt, the earth, and the life it sustains is sacred.May all humans have an opportunity in their life to see it this way...whether it be in person or through art :)


Thank you for looking and supporting my work! 


Shipped through USPS, UPS, or FedEx - Includes tracking 

Please allow for up to seven business days for orders to be processed and shipped.


© 2024 Samantha Cauchy
All copyrights and reproduction rights of images are reserved by Samantha Cauchy.
This artwork cannot be duplicated or used on any other forms of media without the artist's written consent.



From the Forest Floor L.E. canvas prints

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